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How exactly to proceed to Denmark: Step-by-step guide

How exactly to proceed to Denmark: Step-by-step guide

Step one: find out the appropriate needs to go on to Denmark

It may be hard to obtain a permanent residency visa in Denmark if you should be from away from EU. To enter Denmark, you will need a passport that is valid. As being an international national, you should not intend to stay static in Denmark for longer than three months with no visa.

Needs for Australian residents

Australian residents will require a visa for the stay that is long-term Denmark. Generally speaking, one must have resided in Denmark for 8 years, or struggled to obtain 4 at a specific earnings degree, before naturally acquiring a residency card that is permanent. Nevertheless, the Danish federal government has numerous schemes built to enable expats to maneuver quicker in to the nation. As an example, the Pay restriction Scheme allows expats to the nation who anticipate a annual income of at minimum 400,000kr.

Demands for EU citizens

Folks from Nordic nations (Norway, Sweden, Finland, Iceland) can live and work freely in Denmark. The rules are similar, but non-Nordics must apply for a registration certificate within 90 days of arriving in Denmark for EU citizens.

Needs for Americans

People in america going to Denmark face the exact same challenges that Australians do.

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