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Guess what occurs happens the time that is first have sex?

Guess what occurs happens the time that is first have sex?

Everyone’s “first time” is significantly diffent. But probably the most crucial elements of being ready for intercourse is ensuring you utilize birth prevention and condoms to simply help avoid maternity and STDs. Here’s what the results are whenever you lose your virginity.

Does it harm to lose your virginity?

The First time you have vaginal sex , it might harm, or feel great, or both. There could be painful bleeding the very first time a penis or fingers enter your vagina, however it does not occur to everyone. Some individuals obviously do have more tissue that is hymenal other people — this bleeding and pain can occur whenever their hymen gets extended.

If bleeding and pain doesn’t improve after the first occasion you’ve got genital intercourse (penis-in-vagina), you’ll gradually extend your hymen muscle along with your hands in the long run to really make it less painful. In infrequent cases, individuals might need to visit a doctor for the procedure that is small start their hymen. If you should be concerned about your hymen or have discomfort during intercourse, talk to your physician or go to your Planned Parenthood health that is local center.

It’s also possible to have irritation or pain during genital intercourse in the event the vagina isn’t lubricated (damp) sufficient. It’s completely normal never to have great deal of vaginal lubrication , also it does not suggest anything’s wrong with you or your spouse.

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