The Fight For Your Destiny!

The Fight For Your Destiny!

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It is the will of God that we realize or attain our destiny (Jeremiah 29:11) but one weapon the enemy employs in his attempt to deny Christians their destiny is sexual sins. Therefore, it is necessary for believers to be spiritually alert, be vigilant and be prepared to fight for their destiny.

Sexual sin is contagious and cancerous, except it is confronted and dealt with; it has destroyed many people’s destiny. Recent events in the world show that the devil and his agents are on the loose to steal, kill and destroy destinies at a faster rate than ever. Unfortunately, many have lost their heavenly rewards. God’s word is clear on this matter; “Flee Sexual Immorality” (1 Corinthians 6:18 – 20).

The good news is the consequences can be avoided, if the sin is confessed and forsaken. You cannot afford to lose your royal priesthood. Your destiny is too important to be destroyed by a few minutes of sexual pleasure. Do not think it cannot happen to you (1 Corinthians 10:12), be vigilant!
Sexual temptation is one of the tools the devil uses to entice people to sin and to destroy destiny. It takes spiritual alertness to discern and resist sexual temptation therefore effective strategies must be employed to avoid sexual lust. Sexual sin includes any interpersonal activity involving sex organs that does not conform to God’s laws on Sexuality.

Despite being heir to the throne of David, Prince Amnon lost his life prematurely; Princess Tamar became desolate in her brother’s house; Absalom unnecessarily struggled with his father for the throne (2 Samuel 13). Sexual lust destroyed Samson’s destiny to begin Israel’s deliverance (Judges 13:2-5, Judges 16:30). These are examples of how destinies were shattered, just like that of many believers today, because of sexual lust.

Sexual sin is dangerous; it destroys and frustrates those who have fallen into it from realising the plans and purpose of God for their lives. It is imperative to deplore all available weapons and strategies to defend your destiny. You can fight sexual lust by;

  • Being aware and understanding your destiny and be spiritually alert to fight for it.
  • Realising that the devil can use anyone to present sexual temptation (Potiphar’s wife, brethren in the same department in the church, at school or workplace), so don’t underestimate anyone!
  • Being prepared to fight for your destiny at all cost. Train your feet to ‘Flee from all appearance of sin’.

The understanding and effective use of strategies for fighting sexual lust is a must for every believer. Joseph was destined to rule, he knew it and would not allow anything or anyone to destroy his destiny. When every attempt to thwart the plan of God for him failed, the enemy employed a tool (sexual temptation) which has been used against many other people but Joseph proved he was different from others. With his knowledge of God and obedience to the instruction of God on sexual sins, he successfully fought the enemy of his destiny (Gen. 39:1 – 20). Joseph proved that sexual lust can be resisted. Joseph had a choice – do it, or, flee. His response (fleeing) to Mrs. Potiphar’s sexual advances is a lesson for all.

Many believers and church leaders have fallen into sexual sins; some have been restored, some are struggling, while some remain defeated. The difference between these categories of people is their attitude and willingness to examine their sexual life in the light of the word of God, take responsibility for their sexual sins and their determination to live a life of holiness.

King David confessed his sins and obtained forgiveness. The Lord is willing to forgive and restore any sinner. Confess your sins and seek genuine new relationship with God by meditating daily on the word of God and by seeking a sanctified life; God who is faithful and just will forgive.

If you are a Christian and have fallen into sexual sin, your fellowship with God can be restored but you will need to go through a process of Repentance, Restitution and Restoration. May the Lord grant you the Grace to confess and forsake your sinful ways and preserve your destiny in Jesus name.

Are you involved in any form of sexual sins? Your destiny is in danger, you must seek help immediately! Please call your Pastor today without fail or contact or call +234 (0)8113 777 009 for counselling. Follow us on Twitter @TBarnabasM and Intsagram @TheBarnabasMission.

What would you consider to be the greatest price paid by someone who has fallen into sexual sins?

Backsliding, Death, Prison, Divorce, Sickness, Depression, Loss of sensitivity to the voice of God… What do you think? Let us know.

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