Domestic Violence: Types, Impact & Resolution

Domestic Violence: Types, Impact & Resolution

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Why Do Disputes End in Violence?

by Rev (Dr) Elijah ORETADE and Mrs Toyin AJEIGBE.

Teaser: Why Do Disputes End in Violence? Why are people not speaking out and this bottled-in tension eventually find its way out in some form of violence or the other?

Unheard of or of rare occurrence was the issue of domestic violence in Nigeria in times past but what is the case today? There is the sickening report of gruesome murder, battering to stupor, acid bath, setting ablaze among couples in our very own nation, Nigeria! How about high records of separation and divorce? Unknown to the public ear and eyes also are thousands of homes and marriages that are just sticking together but all is not well. This menace spares no one. Everybody and anybody can be the victim or the perpetrator!

Disputes start from minor disagreements and misunderstandings that are not promptly addressed and escalates to an unmanageable proportion!

Disagreements or clashes of personality or interests cannot be totally eliminated. The question is not “will I face conflicts?” but “how can I best manage conflicts when they arise?” In actual fact, the tension that comes from conflicts or disputes can be healthy and beneficial to growth if dealt with correctly. However, it is better, easier and cheaper to resolve disputes than to manage conflict.

Communication is key in any relationship and especially in a marriage relationship. Effective communication holds the centre of a relationship. If a relationship must thrive, the parties involved must freely talk about everything; their hurts, their joys, their secrets, their errors; everything and anything find out workers compensation lawyer san diego ca. Not speaking out, leads to bottled in emotions and especially negative emotions; and a human heart can only take so much, after some time, where there is no soothe for the hurting heart, there is an outburst of emotion which could come in varying degrees of harm to those around the hurting one. Article written by Rev (Dr) Elijah ORETADE and Mrs Toyin AJEIGBE.

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